Video Broadcasts using Google HangOuts

An Innovative Tool for Transformational Leaders

Without experiencing it for myself, I would have never imagined the intimate and connective power Hangouts can offer. The professional possibilities are exhilarating for those of us who enjoy being on the leading edge of our field, but who don’t want to become full-time “techies”.
Click on the Photo for Sallena's video
Click on the Photo for Sallena’s Video

Helping leaders, teachers, and professionals discover innovative and elegant ways to understand one-another has been the theme of my life work. We communicate best when fostering authentic whole-person connection, by shifting into a state of open-heartedness, deep listening and awakened awareness. When we are in this state of embodied presence, conscious connection contains a spark of Divine magic!

I have been one of those early-adopters in the field of organizational development since the 1980’s—focusing my gifts as a communications, leadership, and group dynamics consultant . My specialty has become working with groups and I’ve facilitated over 5,000 meetings—board meetings, interviews, workshops, conferences, trainings, and creative projects. There’s nothing that lights me up more than bringing people together to share their points of view, learn something new, create innovative solutions, or accomplish meaningful projects.

Over and over again I’ve witnessed the most effective communications are face-to-face and soul-to-soul, when true “presence” is experienced. In my mind that meant being in the same room–until I experienced the power of Google HangOuts.

Since 2005 I occasionally used Skype and recorded video messages for personal use, but until 2014, flexible, high-quality video conferencing between more than 2 locations was simply cumbersome, impractical, and unaffordable for most solo-preneurs or small businesses. The few video conferences I did attend seemed stiff, awkward, and impersonal and the costs to produce them were often prohibitive.

Recently though it’s been curious to witness the remarkable ease and leaps forward for online “selfie” videos, and I wanted to find ways to bring groups together in real time and have their conversations recorded and reviewable on-demand.

What has become available in the last six months to everyone with a webcam and an internet connection is astonishing. Once one becomes confident with its use, the new technology virtually disappears and people’s communications become personable, relaxed, and real.

Let me give you a little background. I woke up on a cold Sunday in February 2014, inspired to start a weekly panel discussion group around the writings of one of my favorite spiritual authors. I honestly had no clue what it would take, but I hoped a half-dozen of us could delve deeply into the work together. After fast-tracking some help from a technology coach and lots of late-night internet research, I launched my first Google HangOut live-cast within 6 days. I have to admit it was full of rookie mistakes, but it exceeded my wildest expectations. The video was viewed by over 100 of my “closest” Facebook friends whom I had never met in person. A community I had only known via posts and chats suddenly came alive, and it continues to grow in viewership and membership to this day.

A few weeks after my broadcast series began I introduced HangOuts to members of my coaching program, my mastermind group and several other authors, consultants and coaches. We learned by doing and stretched the boundaries of what my technology coach thought was possible. Our HangOuts were engaging, lively, and user-friendly!

I’ve become such a fan of this new resource that it has changed the course of my business. I’ve discovered a myriad of uses and benefits for my community and new possibilities present themselves every day.   I’m completely “lit up” about the remarkable ways virtual technology can help us intimately connect and effectively communicate with one another across continents or across town.

Here’s a quote from Lisa Engles who uses Google HangOuts in her health and well-being coaching practice,

“Google HangOuts is the evolution of social media… in fact, it’s being coined “human media” because of its unique ability to bring two or more people face to face, in real time, no matter where they are in the world. The boundaries of true engagement are being erased through the technology of HangOuts.”

Rather than you having to spend late-night hours in research, trial-and-error skills development, and unsatisfying results, I’d like to offer you the benefits of what I’ve learned–customized to fit your needs. I’ve distilled the best tips & tricks available from expert leaders, adding in my own accumulated wisdom from facilitating conversations and collaborations for many years. I’ve designed a menu of options so you can personalize your best uses for Google HangOuts in your unique professional setting.

I also promise to be your long-term touchstone in the ocean of quickly advancing changes, simplifying and translating the technical so it can be infused with the creativity and transformative elements of your Great Work. I love working with fresh thinkers and trailblazers!

We will get you up and going as quickly as you want to be
Come catch the wave!



THE INSTRUCTOR: ­­ Done­-For­-You Package

 Complete training on how to be an effective on-­camera instructor and coach. We walk you through setting up your technology, lighting, sound, equipment, and backdrop, and will help you through your event so that you can focus on the delivery of your materials instead of the technology. This package is the complete production of your first interactive show. Step by step downloadable instructions and checklists come with each program so you can produce it on your own after the first show, but this package is designed with a long ­term partnership module in mind. If you are offering an instructional series, the 2nd and subsequent sessions can be produced and facilitated too. It’s nice to have a friend in the “room” helping you keep your program on track, handle any technology glitches, help with post-­production and it’s one of my favorite ways to support my clients.

THE INTERVIEWER: Recorded Interviews and Conversations

Together we produce your first YouTube Video Interview from start to finish, ready for post­production editing and distribution. This includes the set up, graphics, host & panel training, and green room rehearsal for guests/co­-hosts.  If you have special guests we’ll get each new guest set­up, enabled, and prepped to support and strengthen the brand of your show. Interviews can be live­casts or pre­-recorded and both make outstanding marketing tools.

THE MESSENGER: ­5 Done-For-You Events in a Series

Collaborating with creatives and conscious thought-­leaders is my speciality. This bundle provides complete host training plus 5 facilitated events for public live­cast and on-­demand viewing (30­-45 minute programs). Before and after each event we’ll have short greenroom strategy and aesthetics sessions to enhance your confidence and presence. It’s my job to make you shine and the technology “disappear” so you can focus on the delivery of your inspiring message.

THE TEAM FACILITATOR: ­ A Video Panel or Group

 Learn to connect up to 10 people (or end points) for a private (unlisted) real­-time meeting or collaborative session. If you upgrade to Google Apps for Business you can have up to 15 simultaneous participants for a nominal fee. Recordings can be private or selectively shared as desired. This is the perfect training for creative teams, boards of directors, study groups, mastermind programs, or wisdom circles. The package includes training for one leader and enabling for all members of the group. And if you want to lead, but not produce the meeting, it would be my honor to offer my facilitation skills as a production partner option.

THE PRODUCER­/DIRECTOR: ­ Do-It­-Yourself Host

This is the premium bundle. It’s everything you need to know to get started with your own behind­-the-­scenes set­up and broadcast. We’ll help you produce your first show, enable an audience, walk you through basic post­production steps, and give you all the coaching you need to be up and running. You’ll even receive a 4-month membership to our mastery program so you can continue to improve your knowledge and skills with “vetted” resources and open­-hours weekly coaching. Step by step downloadable instructions and checklists come with each program too.

(All programs are customizable using the elements in the ála carte menu. Those named above are the most common bundles.)


THE STARTING LINE...  ­­ A hands-­on private workshop producing a mock-up program ­­your first HangOut and linked YouTube Video. We’ll take a tour through G+ so you become familiar with its integrated options, the types of HangOuts, and how to create and conduct an effective HangOut on Air employing all its automated features. You’ll link your YouTube Channel, identify the simple equipment you need, take a tour of the optional HangOut tools and apps, and learn about several available add­-on programs. You’ll be able to initiate and run basic broadcasts on your own using the step by step downloadable instructions and checklists that come with each program.

THE FIRST SHOW... Complete support for the production of your first “real” show from start to finish for an interview series or public broadcast. This includes set up, name-plate & banner graphics, host and panel training, green room rehearsal for guests/co­hosts and post production video basics. After the event we will debrief for continuous learning and to evaluate what additional training modules might be appropriate to skyrocket your success.  For audience enrollment add the next menu item.

THE COMMUNITY ENROLLMENT…  Audience engagement, migration, and enrollment add­on to your customized program. Your viewers and participants are likely to fall into several stratospheres of engagement. We’ll teach you how to best organize and categorize your audience in G+ Circles and we’ll support them with the how­-to’s of HangOut etiquette and technology throughout the first event. Step by step downloadable instructions and checklists come with each program so as your audience grows beyond your initial enrollment process you’ll know how to keep them engaged with your programs.

THE PRODUCTION PARTNERSHIP… Virtual event production & facilitation for repeating shows. I’ll support your great work by producing, directing, moderating, emceeing, curating, and distributing each 20-­45 minute show, as a part of a series. If more than 3 people are on the panel, or for programs 60-­90 minutes the fee for each episode is slightly increased.

THE CO-­HOST, PANELIST OR GUEST TRAINING…­­ Advanced group training to support one co-­host as a backup director, producer, and facilitator. Includes Instructions for creating banners and name overlays. Guest enabling and a custom nameplate overlay for each new panelist to be interviewed by the Host

BROADCAST AESTHETICS….Two personalized Branding, Design, Aesthetics, Presence, Style, and Voice coaching sessions

VIRTUAL EVENTS STRATEGYTwo Strategic Assessments & Analysis sessions re: your Overall Marketing Strategy and Business Goals and how virtual events fit in and support your aims

4 ­MONTH MASTERY PROGRAM MEMBERSHIP… 16 weekly open­-hours group coaching sessions plus a private Facebook group for Conscious Collaborations program graduates.  Sample topics:

  • Advanced engagement techniques
  • Advanced post­production tools
  • Styling and branding techniques for your HoA and online presence
  • Integrating gateways, music, slides, nesting, add­on apps, etc.
  • Vetted resources and contacts (my own version of Angie’s List for virtual events)
  • Individualized demo coaching during open hours
  • How to make trailers and basic video editing
  • Voice and storytelling training
  • Insider interviews and technology sneak­peaks for innovators
  • Monetize and repurpose your HangOuts as mp3’s, products, programs, podcasts
  • How to use YouTube to market
  • Fresh social media strategies,­­
  • When to use HangOuts, and when other tools are better

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