Sacred Ambition in Action

Your personal development shapes your professional destiny

Would you like the important work you do to be graced with a sense of soulfulness, wisdom, and an even greater measure of success?
You might be accustomed to believing that the secrets of success are hard work, nonstop willpower, being ambitious, and outsmarting the competition. Over and over we see that this approach has diminishing returns. It creates burnout, stress, and a nagging sense of lack. But sacred ambition aligns the heart, the soul, and the deepest values of who you are in your business or social initiative in the world. In other words – you uplevel your ambition to what is sacred to you.

2017 Evolve!

We’re witnessing more and more successful professionals excel as they tap into the inner treasures lying within their intangible, but very real sense of knowing – intuition, heart-based guidance. As they learn how to trust, follow, and act upon that inner Guidance appreciably more synchronicity, fulfillment, and satisfaction shows up in their lives and work. Today’s wise professional is savvy – not only keeping up with professional skills training but putting time and resources into developing personally and spiritually.


Do you work in a highly competitive industry that feels disconnected from the real you and your desire to make a difference?

Right now it may feel impossible to bring “the sacred” to work in your competitive field. We often see people struggle with what feels like a dual-personality of sorts. They spend time developing their spiritual practices and becoming tuned-in personally, and yet feel obliged to hide that part of themselves when arriving at the office.

We’d like to propose that there is a way for your ambition to become a sacred expression when it is partnered with the unique calling that has been planted in your heart. When you connect to your desire to serve the greater good, along with the blessing that is yours to offer the world, deep fulfillment and lasting success flow naturally. Once your head, heart, and hands move in harmony, guided by a flow of Inspiration you will experience much greater results, more influence, and a deeper sense of accomplishment.
Would you like to bring more meaning, passion, and a sense of calm competence to your work?

You might feel a bit overwhelmed by the complexity and pace of life today. Where will you ever find time to focus on your personal development, because your priority is managing and growing your business, board, or career?!

But what we know is, growing and managing your work flows much more smoothly if you are coming from a deep place of personal clarity and awareness. Your personal power and professional confidence are multiplied when that power flows from the inner knowing of your heart, your inspiration, and your calling – when you deeply embody your connection to the larger field of possibilities. You are your greatest asset and setting aside time and resources for yourself becomes a priceless investment in your future.


Would you, your team, or your organization benefit if your relationships at work felt more collaborative, supportive, and inspiring?
You may think that taking more time to connect and be present with others is a distraction or diversion from your focused attention to your goals. But what we know is that essential connection is a time and energy investment you can measure in dollars and take to the bank. It creates clarity, conviction, esteem, creativity, and loyalty. Connecting with others through genuine presence bonds them to the organization’s vision and goals, and to you as a leader with understanding and respect.
Do you sometimes feel like you and your team are not on the same page?

You may assume that your team or inner circle of colleagues, collaborators, or co-workers have clarity and agreement around the bigger vision and purpose of your organization. And then something happens, and you realize the group doesn’t seem to be working towards the same ends at all! You find yourself in the midst of confusion, dissension, and wasting a lot of precious time and energy because your office culture is not in alignment with you. You begin to wonder if it will ever be possible to attune everyone in your organization to the same vision.

From our years of experience, we know that expressing your vision and direction with clarity, poise, and inspired leadership requires a special blend of professional skill and inner capacity. Your role as a leader is to be a torchbearer for the culture and unite the collective – all the stakeholders of your vision.

As you artfully communicate the vision that is born from the essence of your soul, it’s possible for your message to become a memorable and compelling story that takes root within the hearts of your people. A spark of inspiration often follows which opens the door for them to come aboard through a creative act of choice, desire, and commitment – rather than stemming from a sense of obligation. Further, supporting each of your team members’ choice to step into their full power – aligning their ambition to their own values set in the context of your organization’s purpose – co-creates a container big enough to hold a world-changing vision that everyone will find exciting.

The intention of our work:  Believing that personal development shapes your professional destiny, Rebecca Skeele and Sallena Pool have each worked for three decades with professionals, teams, organizations, and individuals helping them accomplish goals, build legacies, and do business differently – from the inside out. Rebecca is a Wisdom Teacher, Mentor and Speaker, teaching the inner tools for a divinely guided and deeply fulfilling life. Sallena is a Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant, applying the arts and sciences of symbols, stories, hospitality, and savoir-faire presence to facilitate change.

The three phases we recommend:  • An experiential group workshop for your organization; • Individual VIP work with the Owner, Leader(s) and/or Decision Makers; • Implementation support for everyone involved (See more below.)

The results you’ll experience:  Greater clarity, stronger conviction, more effective communication, higher esteem, more satisfying results, and robust team coherence.

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A few more details:

  • Evolve!  Connect, Empower & Align – Group Workshop

This 8-hour experiential workshop supports all the members of your organization to:

  1. Move into inspired action,
  2. Link their genuine power and innate gifts to their ambition,
  3. Improve their authentic self-expression, charisma, and confidence,
  4. Call forth their inner-knowing in service to the greater good and organizational vision,
  5. Develop essential relationship connections and team unity.
  • Executive Presence VIP – One-on-one coaching

This tailored-for-you intensive consists of 8 hours of private inner-work to clear old and outdated limiting beliefs that cloud your decisions and keep you out of integrity with your highest purpose. Then the clarity around important choices and decisions flows from a new reference point of possibilities. Owners and team leaders report an inner alignment that helps steer their business and their projects. Buy-in from others is also more easily generated.

  • Sacred Ambition in Action – Organizational mentoring

Once your team members have gained new perspectives from the Evolve! workshop and/or the leaders of your organization have new insight emerging from the VIP Executive Presence program, you’ll want to take quick action to integrate new initiatives and enthusiasm. We provide on-going organizational development consulting and mentoring to help evolve the culture of your group and seamlessly implement your new points of reference and fresh ideas.